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(Served w. White Rice or Fried Rice) 

D83.     Gang Sue Shrimp

(A mellow blend of shrimp w. water chestnut, onion sauteed & w. ginger garlic, delicately swwet & mildly spiced)


D84.     Shrimp w. Vegetable

(Shrimp sauteed w. water chestnut, bamboo shoot, mushroom, snow pea pods, bok choy & broccoli in white sauce)


D85.     Ma La Shrimp

(Shrimp w. vegetable in a spicy hot sauce)


D86.     Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce

(Shrimp cooked w. peas in egg & white sauce)


D87.     Broccoli Shrimp

(Shrimp w. broccoli stir fried in brown sauce)


D88.     Sweet & Sour Shrimp

(Breaded shrimp in sweet & pungent sauce w. pineapple & mixed vegetable)


D89.     Shrimp w. String Bean

(Jumbo shrimp & string beans w. house special sauce)


D90.     Szechuan Shrimp

(Shrimp w. broccoli, pepper, carrot, water chestnut & bamboo shoot in hot Szechuan sauce)


D91.     Shrimp w. Garlic Sauce

(Shrimp w. mushroom, bamboo shoot, water chestnut, broccoli, pepper, onion & carrot in garlic sauce)


D92.     Kung Pao Shrimp

(Shrimp w. celery, water chestnut, bamboo shoot & peanut in hot sauce)


D93.     Cashew Shrimp

(Shrimp w. water chestnut & cashew nut)


D94.     Hot Pepper Shrimp w. Shell

(Salty hot spicy pepper coated shrimp)


D95.     Sauteed Sea Scallops

(Scallops w. snow peas, water chestnut, broccoli, mushroom, bamboo shoot, carrot & bok choy in white sauce)


D96.     Scallops w. Hot Szechuan Sauce 

(Scallops sauteed in hot Szechuan garlic sauce)


D97.     Scallops w. Black Pepper

(Deep fried shrimp w. broccoli in black pepper sauce)


D98.     Seafood Combination 

(A combination of shrimp, scallops & lobster meat w. chinese vegetable)


D99.     Walnut Shrimp

(Deep fried shrimp w. walnut & broccoli in house special sauce)


D100.    Hunan Fish

(Fish fillet, deep fried, topped w. hot sauce & vegetable)


D101.    Sesame Fish

(Deep fried fish w. sesame suace)

D102. Curry Shrimp





































































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