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(Served w. White Rice or Fried Rice)                                                                               Ala Carte

D.56   Mandarin Pork

          (Pork w. onion, carrot, water chestnut &                                         bamboo in sweet bean sauce)


D.57   Ma La Pork

          (Pork sauteed w. vegetable in spicy hot                                         sauce with white crispy rice noodle)


D.58   Moo Shu Pork

          (Shredded pork sauteed w. cabbage & egg                                           wrapped in 4 thin mandarin pancakes w plum sauce)


D.59   Szechuan Pork

          (Pork w. onion, pepper, carrot, water                                             chestnuts,broccoli & bamboo shoots in Szechun                             sauce) 


D.60   Sweet & Sour Pork

              (Breaded pork in sweet pungent sauce w. pineapple,                     onion, carrot & pepper)


D.61   Pork Almond Ding

         (Barbecued Pork diced w. mushroom,water chestnut,                    bamboo shoot & vegetable)


D.62   Hot Spicy Pork

          (Pork w. broccoli, pepper, carrot, water chestnut                         & bamboo shoot in chef's special sauce)


D.63   Pork w. Garlic Sauce

          (w. water chestnuts, bambo shoots, broccoli,                                 pepper, onion, & carrot in garlic sauce)


D.64   Kung Pao Pork 

              (Pork w. celery, peanut, water chestnut & bamboo                         shoots in hot sauce)


D.65   Cashew Pork

               (Pork w. water chestnut & cashew nut)


D.66   Double Cooked Pork

              (B.B.Q pork w. cabbage, green pepper, carrot,                              mushroom, water chestnut & bamboo shoots in

              Szechuan sauce)   













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