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For Pick-Up 

Step 1: Please wait outside the door for assistant 

Step 2: If you pay with credit card, you will see your order inside our pick-up window. Please check your phone numbers and pick up the correct order. 

Step 3: If you don't see your order in side the pick-up window, we will ask your number and see if your order is ready or not. 

Step 4: If your order is not ready, please wait in your car and we will bring your order when your order is ready. 

Step 5: Please close the door and wait outside when we bring your order inside the pick-up window. After we close our window, you may open the door to pick-up your order. 

We prefer if you can pay credit card over the phone. If you like pay cash or pay credit card when you pick-up your order. Please put your cash or credit card inside the window and close the door. We will take you payment after you close the door. 

For Delivery 

  1. If you pay with credit card, we will generously ask if you want tip our driver on the credit card. We will put the tips for them and they will drop your order in front your door without any direct contact. Tipping is not mandatory but our drivers will be very appreciated your kindness. 

  2. If you want pay with cash, please let us know if you want any changes and we will bring the changes inside your order. We will drop your food in-front your door first, please drop the cash outside the door. We will come pick up your cash after you close the door. 

For Walk-In 

Please call 7403631988 and we will take your order over the phone. When your order is ready, please follow the pick-up procedures. 

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